The Wages of Sin, by Zöe Sumra

Cover art for the second book in Zöe Sumra's Underside series:

"One young woman dies and another vanishes on the same chilly spring night. Connor Cardwain sees no reason to link his cleaner Merissa’s murder to a mystery anchored within a high-end warship sales team, but reconsiders his position when he realises both women were connected to a foreign runaway.

Armed with an enterprising widow, an imperial spy and his own wits, Connor sets out to find the missing woman, in a city streaked with vice and a planet upturned by other ganglanders’ ambition. If he fails to beat arms dealers, aristocrats, pirates and human traffickers at their own game, he and all his team will pay the price – and the wages of sin are death."

Zöe was keen to have a classic space opera-style cover for the book with a red/orange palette.

A full folio spread was designed to wrap around the front, back and spine:

The Wages of Sin is available now from Elsewhen Press.