Talk in Pictures – synesthesia artwork

A gallery of synesthetic art inspired by the music of Peter Gabriel

I had always assumed that everybody associated colours and textures with sounds and music. One day, I discovered the name of this neurological condition – synaesthesia. I actually learnt about synaesthesia through musician Peter Gabriel's interactive game, Eve, and as a fan of Gabriel's music, in 2004, I finally decided to try and 'illustrate' several Gabriel songs, based on the colours and forms I saw in my mind's eye when I heard the music. The result was nine very abstract pieces, yet a consistency emerged as they were produced.

synaesthesia art synesthetic art synaesthesia artwork
Come Talk to Me Mercy Street Steam
peter gabriel art synaesthesia art art and synaesthesia
Growing Up Burn You Up, Burn You Down Digging in the Dirt
synesthesia art synaesthesia paintings peter gabriel synaesthesia art
The Barry Williams Show Washing of the Water The Tower that Ate People